10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cyprus

Cyprus is in fact a hot summer and winter destination, with all-year-round sunshine, exceptional landmarks and glorious golden sandy beaches. Protaras attracts the crowds with its glistening blue waters; Limassol attracts the culture vultures whereas Paphos charms all its visitors with its ancient heritage and picturesque scenery.
The aforementioned is what most know about Cyprus, so we have put together 10 things you probably don’t know about the island! Enjoy!

1. The Name says it all!
Did you know that the Cyprus was named after the Greek word copper? In fact, back in the days, the island was one of the richest destinations in the world due to its copper resources.

2. Cyprus & Cats!cats
Cyprus is home to thousands of cats. This fact is linked to many legends and myths. As one legend entails, the Monastery of Saint Nicolaos of the Cats in Limassol was founded by Saint Helen in the 4th century. At the time, the area was filled with poisonous snakes, so as Saint Helen was returning to the island she brought back cats from Jerusalem to eliminate the snake problem. Till this day, the cats found at the monastery are believed to be descendents of the ones brought back in the 4th century!

3. Dreamy Wedding Destination!
Overflowing ancient sites and landmarks as well as fabulous golden beaches, it is inevitable that Cyprus is one of the hottest destinations to tie the knot. However, this craze is not a new trend. In fact, the Medieval Castle of Limassol is where Richard the Lionheart tied the knot back in 1191!

4. Winemaking!wiine
Cyprus is the oldest wine producing destination in the whole world! The island’s famous Koumandaria wine has been made since 800 BC. the Koumandari Villages wine route, found on the foothills of Limassol, are a great way to explore the island’s lush and rich countryside as well as sip on fine wine.

5.The Romans were here!
You can’t go far in Cyprus without coming across an ancient Roman landmark or site. The island became part of the thriving Roman Empire back in 45 AD. Did you know that Cyprus was the first part of the Roman Empire to be governed by a Roman Christian?

6.Rarest Flowers!save
Cyprus is truly a haven for nature lovers! The island is home to more than twenty rare species of orchids. Those looking to explore the finest and rarest flowers should set off on a hike through Kitrou Terra or wander the green-covered hill slopes of Paphos.

7. Nature!
Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will instantly fall in love with Cyprus! The island boasts of natural landmarks where visitors can hike, cycle and explore! One of the finest spots to explore is Akamas Peninsula, where you will find rare flora and fauna, blue-green waters and golden bays as well as natural springs and waterfalls.

8. Dive In!wreck
Cyprus is one of the top diving destinations in the word, with an abundance of fabulous and thrilling underwater waters to explore. One of the most popular is the Zenobia site, which sank to the seabed back in 1980. Other incredible sites include Green Bay and Konnos Point in Protaras.

9. Proud of Sheep!
No holiday is complete without taking a glimpse at one of the island’s famed Mouflons! The Cyprus Mouflon is believed to be the ancestor of sheep today. The charming and cute horned-headed sheep is found grazing across the countryside of the island.

10. Sunny Days & Happy Smiles!12038152_1508919092759787_8485655918370656895_n
You all know that Cyprus has been blessed with all-year-sunshine right? Did you know that the island is in fact the sunniest destination in Europe? With more than 8 months of summer and 365 days of sunshine, it comes as no surprise that the locals are so welcoming and happy all the time!