10 Reasons to Visit Corfu

Corfu is the island which perfectly marries the modern world with the past.  the island remains timeless as if stuck in a time capsule with its archaic monuments and castles, rich cultural heritage, inspirational landmarks, crystalline blue sea and all year round sunshine. Corfu is undoubtedly one of the hottest holiday destinations of our times.  There are ample of reasons to visit Corfu and explore this haven-like island floating in the Ionian. Let’s take a look at 10 of the hottest must-visit landmarks in Corfu!

Corfu’s Old Town resembles a picture taken from a history book. The UNESCO World Heritage Site unfolds a world of the past, fusing Renaissance, Classical and Baroque features. Ancient castles, Venetian buildings, grand-like squares and the cobbled alleys lure every wanderluster to explore and get lost within its mysterious alleys.

Liston is Corfu’s trademark! Built in the 1807 under the French rule, Liston is an outstanding example of architecture originating from the Napoleonic era, which was inspired by the famed Rue de Rivoli in Paris! Liston is a great spot to have a drink and watch the world go by before your eyes.

The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint Georges is an aristocratic palace, built in 1824 by the British. It is one of those buildings you couldn’t ignore even if your life depended on it! The palace is an ideal addition to the island’s architectural combination.  Today, Saint Michael and Saint George’s Palace is home to Corfu’s Museum of Asiatic Art and Municipal Library.

Achilleion Palace was built by the Empress of Austria, Elizabeth. The actual structure resembles a fairytale castle which stands in the heart of blossoming cypresses. Elizabeth sought to escape the dictating Austrian courts and made Corfu her home, which she had great affection for. Her love of the Greek god Achilles is evident from the plentiful statues decorating the gardens of the castle.

Saint Spiridon Church is the most dominating and impressive Venetian cathedral found on the island. The cathedral was built in honour of Corfu’s Patron Saint and protector Saint Spiridon. Its bell tower is the highest point of Corfu Town, and the most distinctive feature visitors notice upon entering the harbour.

Love is definitely in the air at Canal D’Amour! The canal is simply a passageway amongst two rocks but as simplistic and basic as it sounds, this place carries lots of love-related legends! The most popular explains that whoever successfully swims from one side of the canal to the other will find the love of his/her life! Get swimming guys!

Next on our list is the soaring Mount Pantokrator, the highest point in Corfu. The mountain is so high that it is visible from anywhere you stand on the island. During winter, the snowy slopes are ideal for those keen on winter adventures within the icy cold forests of the mountain. In summer, nature enthusiasts seek to explore the mountainous slopes by cycling or hiking!

Ancient Pertheia, built in the 14th century along the slopes of Mount Pantokrator is Corfu’s famed ghost-village which transports all its visitors through time. Pertheia has been linked to numerous urban legends. Some locals explain that Ancient Pertheia was built by locals who sought refuge from pirate raids.

Kanoni Beach is a breathtaking cove that invites visitors to its crystalline blue waters and golden sands! It is also the best spot to enjoy the view of the most photographed landmark in Corfu which is none other than Pontikonissi Isle.

Pontikonissi Isle (Mouse Island) was named after a mouse due to its shape which looks like a mouse.  According to legend, the green-covered isle is actually Ulysses ship which was turned into stone by Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Within the isle’s flourishing forests stands the church of Pantokrator, which was built in the 13th century.

That’s all for now on Corfu! Stay tuned for more…