10 Reasons to Choose Mykonos this summer

Mykonos has been the getaway holiday destination since Jackie O and Onassis stepped foot on the isle back in the good old days. Known as glamorous, cosmopolitan and chic, Mykonos attracted the high society back in the 60s, and from a fisherman’s village become a hotspot in no time at all!  Mykonos, also known as the Island of the Winds, does not only attract the crème-a-la-crème, but everyday travellers! Mykonos stands out for its glam, sophistication, chic and cosmopolitan flair, but it is also traditional, strikingly beautiful, fun and trendy as well as the number one party hub in Europe. Let’s see why Mykonos is a must this summer:

Petros the Pelican is the first ‘persona’ you will meet upon setting foot on the harbour of Mykonos! The famous pelican has long been the mascot of the island. He is always busy charming his fans with his friendly and charismatic nature!

Mykonos charms every holidaymaker with its authentic Cycladic architecture. Whitewashed Cycladic homes, blue domed chapels and trendy boutiques, and hip bars are all built using the Cycladic style.  Just imagine tiny white homes with blue window panels and overflowing lilac-covered bougainvillea gardens.  Mykonos traditional architecture is distinct and decorates the entire island where everything falls in perfect harmony with the azure sea and light blue sky!

Little Venice is the most romantic spot to watch the famous Mykonian sunset. Sit by one of the many 16th century buildings with lingering balconies and watch the sun dipping into the Aegean while sipping a couple of cocktails!  Sounds good?

No Mykonos holiday is complete without hopping on a little boat and visiting the opposite isle, Delos, known as the sacred island! Delos is one of the most important mythological, archaeological and historical sites throughout Greece. It is said that Delos is the birthplace of the twins, Apollo and Artemis. Besides its mythological importance, Delos overflows with archaeological sites such as the Agora of the Competialists that dates back to 150 BC, the Ionic Naiskos, and the Great Temple of Apollo as well as the Temple of the Athenians!

Mykonos is made for beach holidays! The island offers a piece of beach heaven for every taste! Psarou is for the chic crowd, whereas Super Paradise is the island party hub beach. Those looking for less crowded and natural beaches are also in luck as Mykonos has been blessed with diverse bays satisfying the tastes of even the most discerning beach lovers.

Mykonos is also a great destination for those looking to set off on a museum tour. One of the most fascinating museums is Mykonos Aegean Maritime Museum, where you will see displayed a diversity of model ships representing the evolution and development of maritime life. Some of the most fascinating are representations of several rowing boats, sailing ships, steam powered-ships dating from antiquity till contemporary times.  In fact, an old sailing ship, named the Evangelistria, anchors at the island’s port and serves as an interesting attraction for both locals and tourists alike who love boarding the ship and exploring it.

One of the most ancient ruins found on the island is the famed Thule Tomb which was found accidently while a hotel was being built on the island.  The tomb is presumed to have originated from the 2nd century BC and is now on display for the public to visit. All which remains of the tomb is a circle-shaped grave made out of huge stones. In order to maintain the monument it has been covered with metal sheets.

The famed Mykonos Windmills are truly a sight for sore eyes. They have been the island’s landmark and symbol ever since they were constructed in the 16th century during the Venetians stay on the island. They are found by the southern coast of the island, dotting the shoreline and standing high overlooking the infinite blue before them.

Another fascinating landmark no one should miss lies in the heart of Ano Mera, and is none other than the quaint Monastery of Panagia Tourliani. The monastery was named after a valuable ecclesiastical icon that was found floating on the surface of the sea. The entire Ano Mera settlement is built around the monastery, which remains as one of the most inspiring structures on the island.

Another inspiring museum everyone should visit when holidaying in Mykonos is the Folklore Museum. The Folklore Museum features a collection of ancient furniture, clothing and musical instruments, representing the locals’ daily lives in the past. The museum is housed in an impressive 18th century mansion that once belonged to a sea captain. Visiting the museum is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of how the island has developed through time, from a tiny agricultural and fishing island to one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world!