3 Top Landmarks in Corfu

Are you looking for the idyllic destination for your summer holidays? The answer to this question is, pack your bags and go to Corfu! The Greek island is the most beautiful island you will ever have the pleasure of visiting! The island is perfect and offers tourists a manifold of activities to engage in, beaches to laze on and landmarks to visit. Corfu is undoubtedly one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Europe. There is ample to do while on the island! We have put together 3 top landmarks everyone should visit when holidaying in Corfu!

3 Top Attractions in Paphos

Cyprus is known all around the world as the island of beauty, sun and glorious beaches. Those who will visit Cyprus will soon realise the island is so much more than a holiday destination. Besides its all-year-round sunshine and sun-kissed beaches it is also a place where history and legends were made. With a history that goes back more than 10,000 years, the island has seen hundreds of civilisations come and go led by historic personas such as Alexander the Great and Cleopatra of Egypt. The Greek goddess Aphrodite made the island her home, while the French, English, Ottomans, Romans and so many more empires claimed Cyprus at some point in history.

Greek Coffee & Halva Please!

The exceptional taste and aroma of Greek or Cypriot coffee lend it an exclusive identity that is infused with time-honoured tradition. Made with high-quality Arabicas from Colombia, Ethiopia, Central America and Brazil, the coffee is first blended, then roasted to a medium-light level, and finally grinded into an extra-fine grind.