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Spend your holidays in Rhodes island, Greece. Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and is an island with great history. Your Rhodes holidays should include a visit to the Colossus of Rhodes: one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world. A stroll down the Old Town of Rhodes is a must as this has been declared as a World Heritage Site. With many archaeological sites and small villages to visit, your holidays in Rhodes will most certainly not leave you bored.

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Amada Colossos Resort in Faliraki is situated directly on the beach and is ideal for beach holidays in Rhodes as well as all inclusive Rhodes holidays. If what you expect from your Rhodes holidays is adventure and lot of activities, then there is no better place to be than Amada Colossos Resort .

  • Island of the Knights
  • Interested in history, beaches, colourful villages and ancient Greek treasures? Then discover the past and present of Rhodes where everyone has something to see.
  • As the original ancient ‘Gateway to Collosos’, the island of Rhodes promises historic treats. The first is Rhodes town where you can walk the old streets and castle walls in the footsteps of Crusader knights or join the present to enjoy numerous shops, cafés, and nightlife. Whereas the parks of Rhodes town host cultural events and festivals, you may be drawn to the cooler pine forests and low mountains inland. Colourful villages such as Archangelos, archeological sites like the Temple of Apollo, and natural elements like the Seven Springs are enchanting. For beaches, turn south to the twin shores of secluded Prassonissi, the turquoise waters of Tsambika, or Haraki for scuba diving. Highly recommend is a trip to Symi Island to visit the neo-classical town, Panormitis Monastery and the famous sponge centres. Wherever you go, you will get a warm welcome as the people are said to be the most hospitable in Greece.
  • Out of the 2,000 Greek islands, only 227 are populated.


  • Palace of the Grandmaster Palace, citadel, fortress, holiday home, museum; all functions of this austere 14th century hilltop structure now open to visitors.
  • Lindos Acropolis Touch ancient Greek culture at the summit Temple of Athena overlooking Lindos village and the blue waters of St Paul’s Bay.
  • The Valley of the Butterflies The wings of thousands of butterflies sparkle above the waterfalls and river of Pelekanos.
  • Kallithea Recently renovated, Kallithea invites visitors to the elegant Italian thermal spa, exotic gardens and swimming bays. One of most famous and popular villages in Rhodes is Lindos, where one can find a little bit of everything as it includes a famous acropolis, traditional architecture, beautiful beaches and picturesque little harbours. Despite the high level of tourism in the island, there are still many unspoiled villages which have kept their authenticity. One such village is Apolakkia which, due to its great distance from the city has, more than any other village, kept the old manners and customs of Rhodes Island. If you would like something closer though, there are many other beautiful villages in the surrounding areas such as Kremasti, Paradissi and Afantou.
  • Local Specialties There is a wide variety of local specialities which can be found in the traditional taverns and villages. These include mousaka, a dish made of potatoes, aubergines, cheese and bchamel sauce, and for desert the famed kataifi, made from honey and nuts. Furthermore, Rhodes Island is the producer of wines which are known from their ancient times for their great taste and quality. The island has a long tradition for silverworks, ceramics, embroidery and carpet making. Visit Lindos and Archangelos to see how the traditional pottery and ceramic plates are made and Embonas Village to observe how multi-coloured embroideries are weaved.
  • Entertainment Due to the wide selection of entertainment venues, people of all ages find a suitable place to have fun and get to know the famous Greek lifestyle. A wide selection of restaurants and taverns can be found throughout the island of Rhodes where many of the islands specialties can be tasted. Moreover there are numerous bars and clubs to entertain you throughout the night. For the day time there are numerous activities for adults as well as children such as water sports, deep sea diving, golf, horseracing and the third largest casino in Greece, found in Afandou. Shopping is also a great pastime as there is a selection of 6000 shops in the old and new city of Rhodos, mainly specialising in furs and leather.


  • Archaeological sites and monuments in Rhodes The old town of Rhodes, the island's capital, is the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe. It is dominated by a medieval castle built in the 14th century by the Knights of St. John. The whole city is a magnificent example of medieval architecture leading UNESCO to name it as a World Heritage Monument. Further up the coast, the Knights of St. John also built thirty imposing stone houses renaming the area Trianda, meaning thirty. Close to Trianda, build on the top of Filerimos Hill one can experience breathtaking views and explore the ancient acropolis and temples of Zeus Polieus and Athea Polias, as well as a 15th century monastery. Another area that must not be missed is the Valley of the Butterflies(Petaloudes). From June to September this valley creates is a rare and breathtaking sight as all the trees and rocks in the area are covered with a think carpet of golden- red butterflies.
  • Beaches in Rhodes Many sandy and pebbly beaches and coves can be found around the island. Rhodes beaches range from very basic without any organised facilities, such as Afandou beach, for the people looking for a more authentic Greece, to popular beaches with all the wanted luxuries such as water sports, taverns and amenities. Some of the most popular Rhodes beaches are Faliraki, Kalithea and Lindos Bay. Prassonissi is also a very popular Rhodes beach as it is considered a windsurfers' paradise, especially between the months of July and August.