Exploring Rhodes Old Town on Foot

The heart of Rhodes beats in its fascinating medieval Old Town. The island’s Old Town, one of the most ancient and well preserved medieval cities in Europe, is where history was made and continues to be made. Whoever wanders through its inspiring cobblestoned streets soon realise they are walking through a timeless living museum. The first to occupy the enchanting city were the Knights Hospitallers. The knights settled in the city in 1309 and literally built it from the ground up. During their time, the city thrived as culture awakened. In 1522 the famed Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent, took over the Old Town once the Knights were defeated in battle. The now UNESCO World Heritage Site is packed with inspirational buildings dating back to the Knights and the Ottomans as well as the Italian, Roman and Hellenistic periods. We have put together a list of the top 10 most intriguing buildings avid tourists must visit while exploring the Old Town of Rhodes. Enjoy and remember, it’s a thrill to behold!

Discovering Historic Limassol

Besides being the most cosmopolitan and vibrant coastal city in Cyprus, Limassol boasts with reminders of the island’s turbulent and multicultural past, all the way from the Crusaders to the Venetians, Ottomans and British eras to modern days. Passionate visitors walk through the lively stoned alleyways of the city’s Old Town and marvel at the Cypriot character, authenticity and identity that is still alive and kicking. As always, there is no better to explore a new place than on foot. Let’s begin!

10 Top Sights to Visit when in Corfu Old Town

With its cobblestoned lanes and ancient plazas, the island’s Old Town still exudes its old-world charisma and charm. Sightseeing is made fun as a world of the ancient times enfolds right on your feet. Corfu’s Old Town boasts with dominating fortresses, grandiose palaces, inspiring museums, marvellous monuments and temples as well as traditional taverns, cultural spots and gourmet restaurants, all waiting to be discovered. Influenced by the Greeks, French, Italians and British, the Old Town is home to literally a diverse architectural anthology which mesmerises and transports all its visitors into its timeless web.