grilled haloumi

Top 10 Cyprus Meze Dishes

As all travellers confess, Cyprus is a heaven for all food lovers and the best way to sample all the local dishes is trying the Cyprus Meze. In matter of seconds your table will overflow with more than 30 small dishes filled with Cyprus specialities, from fresh salads to delicious dips and main dishes all for you! Enjoy this mouth-watering culinary experience!

Take a sneak peek at the Top 10 Cyprus Meze Dishes and remember, we are not to blame if you find yourself craving for traditional Cypriote food…just hop on a plane headed for Cyprus!

Zakynthos Shipwreck Cove

To all Beach Junkies out there!

Are you looking to get away from it all? Are you dreaming of soaking your toes in golden-white sands and dipping into emerald waters while being surrounded by towering white-washed limestone cliffs and sheer beauty? It seems you are in need for some Greek loving! Thousands of tourists choose Zakynthos and Crete as their holiday destinations…why don’t you? Lay down your beach towel, take off your flip-flops and soak in the jaw-dropping views that surround you in Zakynthos and Crete!

Cyprus Theatre Museum

Cyprus Theatre Museum in Limassol

Housed in the Panos Solomonides Cultural Centre, the Cyprus Theatre Museum first opened in 2012 providing insight on the history of theatre is Cyprus. The thrilling museum permanently houses an exhibition which includes theatrical costumes, stage props, scale models, printed materials, posters as well as photographs, sketches and audiovisual material. Museum visitors get to set on an exciting virtual tour through the history of theatre and witness how the art of theatre progressed through time!