Akamas Peninsula for Everyone

The Akamas National Park is celebrated as the most natural and breathtaking location across Cyprus. Found near the city of Paphos, Akamas Peninsula, decorates the western coast of the island. The area is spread over a 230 square kilometre stretch of natural land, and is home to green-covered valleys, fascinating gorges and hidden bays, a true haven for all nature lovers. While exploring the peninsula you will view more than 150 kinds of birds, 20 varieties of reptiles, 16 species of butterflies and more than 10 rare mammals but also a diverse  variety of fauna and vegetation.

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5 Must-Visit Spots in Mykonos

The island of the glam Mykonos has many times been described as paradise on earth. The Cycladic Island is famed for being the dream holiday destination of modern times, blessed with golden sun-kissed bays, majestic-like windmills, white-washed cobble-stoned alleys and cosmopolitan vibe! Literally, Mykonos has it all making it a top destination to all jetsetters.

Let’s take a look at what Mykonos has to offer holidaymakers.


5 Must Visit Landmarks when in Rhodes

Within the heart of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes shines the brightest boasting with endless golden-pebbled beaches, rich green-covered forests and ancient cultural heritage and history. Travellers visit the island in search of a lively nightlife and glistening emerald waters, while others seek cultural adventures through past civilisations and times. Rhodes has it all.

Let’s take a look.


4 Reasons to Visit Zakynthos

The beautiful Ionian Island of Zakynthos has long now made it in the top holiday destination list of our times. Why visit Zakynthos? Those who have already had the pleasure of holidaying on the island will have lots and lots to say about its striking golden bays, natural landscapes, cultural heritage and fascinating historic sites. Let’s take a look!