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Limassol City & it’s Landmarks

While exploring Limassol, the inspiring culture, romantic sunsets, golden-brown coastline as well as shimmering blue sea and vivid history cast a spell on everyone. In Limassol you will find historical sites that will charm you, a rich cultural heritage that will impress you and friendly locals that will make sure your holidays remain unforgettable. Limassol is a city which perfectly marries the past and the present. Let’s take a look at some of the most famed landmarks in Limassol!


Beach Hopping in Corfu

Corfu is the ideal location to spend your summer beach holidays beach while working on your tan and enjoying the breathtaking emerald-blue waters. Famed for its fabulously beautiful coastline, Corfu is home to sandy golden beaches, ragged-pebbled beaches, natural beaches as well as popular and busy beaches. All you need to do is choose the one you like the most and turn on holiday mode!

Let’s take a look at Corfu’s most popular beaches: