Paphos & Family Holidays

Anyone who has visited Paphos will tell you that the city is one of the hottest holiday destinations of our times, boasting with cultural events, jaw-dropping beaches as well as inspiring archaeological sites. But, did you know that Paphos is a haven for family holidays?

Take a look at some of the top family activities you can enjoy while vacationing in Paphos.


Sightseeing with Kids in Paphos


Cyprus has long been renowned for its inherent cultural value. As legend has it, the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, rose from the island’s glistening blue waters. The island also boasts with well-preserved ancient landmarks and sites. Paphos, the cultural hub of the island, is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site just waiting to be explored!

We have put together a handful of fun and educational must-visit landmarks and sites every family should visit while holidaying in Paphos!

Let’s go sightseeing!

  1. Kato Paphos Archaeological Parkpaphos

The park is a hot-source for those looking to discover what the Roman Empire left behind! The Archaeological Park boasts with jaw-dropping sites and landmarks such as Roman Palaces, well-preserved mosaics as well as temples, shrines and monuments. One of the top attractions is the Saranta Kolones Palace, a Byzantine palace which was named after the 40 columns that were once part of its structure. The remains of the palace remain untouched since the 1222 earthquake hit.

  1. Paphos Mosaics

The well-preserved and inspiring collection of mosaics is a definite must-visit. The mosaics decorate the floors of Roman homes such as the House of Dionysus, depicting extravagant scenes of Greek gods.

  1. Roman Odeonpafos11

The small yet impressive Odeon was built in the 2nd century using well-hewn limestone. Once seating thousands of spectators, the Odeon still inspires all visitors with its dominant structure and architectural style. Today, the Odeon is brought back to life hosting musical and theatrical performances all through the summer months.

  1. Tombs of the Kings

Carved entirely out of solid rock, these 4th century tombs impress all its visitors with their majestic-like architecture. Even though the name connotes that kings were buried in the tombs, the burial ground is where local aristocrats and high-ranked officials were laid.

  1. Aphrodite’s Rockrock

Visiting Aphrodite’s Rock must be on top of your list of things to do while holidaying in Paphos. Why? Well, the famous Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite is said to have risen from the sea foam right at this exact spot.

  1. Paphos Castlecastss

Today, the dominant Castle of Paphos serves as a backdrop to the city’s picturesque harbour. The castle was initially constructed by the Byzantines with the intention of protecting the harbour. After the Byzantines, the castle fell in the hands of other nations such as the Lusignans, the Venetians as well as the Ottomans and British. Besides being used as a fortress, the castle assumed other purposes. Through the years, it has been used as a prison as well as warehouse. Today it serves as a great venue for Paphos annual Cultural Festival that takes place each September.

There you go folks! 6 fun & educational sites all families should add to their must-visit list when in Paphos!


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