While in Corfu

While holidaying in Corfu steal some time out of your beach days and visit 2 must-see landmarks that will amaze you! Let’s take look at Corfu’s Old Perithia and Achillion Palace.


Old Perithia, also known as the island’s Ghost Village is tucked away on the hillsides of Mount Pantokrator. Exploring the quaint village is exactly like taking a time travel trip into the past. The Venetians initially built and settled in Perithia during the 14th century. Locals were driven to hide within the mountainous setting to remain hidden and protect themselves from enemy raids which continued well off till the 19th century.  When the raids came to an end, the majority of inhabitants moved to the coast of Corfu, where jobs opened due to tourism. Currently, Old Perithia is home to merely five elderly.

Old Perithia is a wonderful time travel capsule for all those looking to discover the island’s past, culture and history. The imposing Venetian-style homes and public buildings are remarkable architectural treasures that charm every visitor.

The picturesque village is surrounded by eight churches, highlighting the locals’ profound faith in God. Upon the entrance of the old school, you will find a coat of arms that reveals the name of a noble Corfiot family.  The now deserted school was open till around 1950.


Nestled within Gastouri Village, the Achillion Palace is undoubtedly an amazing architectural gem everyone should visit when in Corfu! The grandiose palace was built by the Empress of Austria, also commonly known as Sissy. Sissy was passionate about Corfu as well as the ancient Greek Gods of mythology, especially Achilles, which is the reason the classical-style palace was named after him. Besides being a masterpiece of classical architecture, the palace’s gardens attracts many tourists as they boast with statues and sculptures depicting Greek mythological gods and goddesses.

In 1898, Sissy was assassinated and the palace was left uninhabited up until German Kaiser Wilhelm II bought it as his summer house in 1907. The palace coastal location was ideal for Kaiser Wilhelm who parked his yacht on a jetty below.

The Palace of Achillion is a top tourist attraction in Corfu. It is especially admired for its classic architecture as well as green-covered gardens. The most impressive is the mural found at the reception area, depicting Achilles carrying Hector’s lifeless body. It is also worth mentioning that Achillion Palace’s popularity boosted after the James Bond movie, “For Your Eyes Only” was shot there.