5 Reasons to opt for a Cyprus Destination Wedding

It is a fact; Destination Weddings in Cyprus are the new trend! Why do more and more bride and grooms decide to tie the knot in Cyprus? Well, there are plenty of reasons that lead couples to hop on a plane and get married in a tropical island. We have put together 5 reasons why couples choose Cyprus as their wedding venue.

Louis Hotels Weddings

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Why opt for a Louis Hotels destination wedding? The answer to this question is rhetorical really. It’s like asking why choose to tie the knot on a scenic beach in an exotic island like Cyprus rather than having a traditional church wedding at home. We have put together a handful of reasons more and more couples tend to exchange vows in Cyprus and Greece rather than going through the hassle and bustle of a traditional home wedding!

Say I do in Mykonos!

More and more couples choose to skip traditional weddings and opt to tie the knot somewhere magical! Why not say ‘I do’ in Mykonos? The island of the winds combines all the features needed to make your day an extraordinary day to remember! Mykonos is known as the cosmopolitan island of Greece. Chora, the island’s whitewashed town, invites all to surrender to its beauty. What’s more, the island’s sun-kissed golden bays, glamorous flair and rich cultural heritage make any wedding day fabulous!