Top 4 landmarks to add to your bucket list when in Crete

Crete has long been ranked top of every traveller’s list. The reason for its popularity is rather simple; it is indeed a summer haven for any wanderluster who loves golden beaches, culture, history and food of course! Let’s take a look at 4 of Crete’s finest!

Excavations carried out at Knossos revealed that the site was inhabited during the Neolithic Period (6000 BC)! Later on in 1900 BC the first Minoan Palace was built above the ruins of the Neolithic settlement. The palace was then destroyed in 1700 BC but fortunately a new one replaced it, which was even more extravagant than the previous one covering an area of 2200 square metres! During 1700-1450 BC the famed Minoan civilisation was at its peak and Knossos was the most significant city-kingdom of the time.  Those that explore the site encounter a lost civilisation. The most impressive ruins found at Knossos include the Royal Villa, the Royal Temple Sanctuary, the House of the High Priest and the Great Palace.

Samaria Gorge National Park is all the reason nature enthusiasts need to hop on the next plane headed for Crete. In fact the 10-mile natural park that overflows with natural beauties is a sight for soar eyes. If heaven was on earth, Samara Gorge would be it! The park boasts with waterfalls, rare flora and fauna, mountains as well as unique wild animals such as the famous Kri-Kri goat.

The Old Port of Chania was known as ‘Venice of the East’, where the Venetians in the past built stone walls around the city to protect it from enemy invasions! A dominating Venetian Castle decorates the entrance of the old harbour which was constructed to protect the city.  The area within the ancient walls is the Old Town of Chania where on every corner you’ll come across historic treasures like buildings, monuments and temples left behind by ancient civilisations.

Dikti Cave is yet another of the many popular natural sites found in Crete no one should miss. The cave covers more than 2000 square-meters. Excavations have revealed that the cave was once a place of worship. As legend has it, Rhea hid her baby Zeus (the King of the ancient Greek Gods) to protect him from his revengeful father, Kronos.

Crete is a magnificent holiday destination every wanderluster must visit at least once in their lifetime. Stay tuned for more on Crete next time!