Cyprus Theatre Museum in Limassol

Housed in the Panos Solomonides Cultural Centre, the Cyprus Theatre Museum first opened in 2012 providing insight on the history of theatre is Cyprus. The thrilling museum permanently houses an exhibition which includes theatrical costumes, stage props, scale models, printed materials, posters as well as photographs, sketches and audiovisual material. Museum visitors get to set on an exciting virtual tour through the history of theatre and witness how the art of theatre progressed through time!

Must-Visit: The Acropolis of Rhodes

Rhode’s Acropolis is like no other Acropolis found across Greece as it was not fortified. As excavations have surfaced the island’s Acropolis boasted with sanctuaries, public building and marvellous temples which were built on steep landscapes that were skilfully supported by indestructible walls. Rhode’s Acropolis is by far one of the top Hellenistic architectural wonders throughout the Greek world. Some of the most impressive landmarks found within the Acropolis include: