A taste of Cyprus by Louis Hotels

The simple bread, “Psomi” has long been the main staple in the Cypriot cuisine, especially in frugal times, when the people Cyprus would survive on a thick chunk of it accompanied with cheese or a handful of olives and a tomato.

Today Louis Hotels is sharing the Cypriot Koulouri Bread recipe, a local bread found at our Local Breakfast Stations in all our hotels in Cyprus.

Greek Orange Pie Recipe by Louis Hotels

At Louis Hotels, we take pride in the quality and variety of our cuisine, and are always keen to know which dishes our guests have enjoyed the most. With personal comments as our guide we constantly strive to please your appetite as well as share the secrets of Greek and Cyprus cuisine with our guests so that you can all enjoy the taste of Louis Hotels wherever you are, again and again.

The winner of Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio cooking contest has signed her dish!

Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio, the traditional Greek restaurant in the capital of Cyprus, recently organized an original event that gave its guests the most memorable taste. The Louis Hotels team hosted a special cooking contest in which four journalists had the opportunity to be chefs for a day and prepared their own unique recipes!