The Greek Tyropitta by Louis Hotels

Did you know that Louis Hotels, with 21 four and five star hotels and villas in Cyprus and the Greek islands, were the first to participate in the Greek Breakfast and Cyprus Breakfast programmes, which encourage the use of traditional products and recipes in an effort to offer guests an authentic and local experience?

Cypriot Breakfast: a gastronomic experience set in the memory of tourists

The emergence of gastronomic particularities is vital for the tourism of every country in the world, let alone the tourism in Cyprus. Despite the fact that the main poles of attraction in the island are the golden sand beaches and the sunny weather, the taste delights are the thing that will enrich the tourists experience, thus imprinting the sweetest memories in their minds.

Delicious Tastes at Louis Hotels

Louis Hotels always strives for perfection so as to offer guests an all-rounded holiday. Therefore, besides our hotels, upgraded rooms, bars, pools, cafes and other facilities guests enjoy while staying at Louis Hotels, we make sure our guests’ breakfast, lunch and dinner times are the most delicious times of their day!

Taste the Louis Hotels Gastronomy!

Louis Hotels understands the role gastronomy plays to guests’ holiday experience. That is why every one of our hotels offers plenty of choices to please even the most discerning palates. Depending on the hotel, guests can enjoy different levels of all-inclusive terms. Although different hotels offer different terms and packages, all Louis hotels adhere to the same principles that ensure our guests mealtimes are the most delicious part of their day.