5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Mykonos

Mykonos is a Greek Island made for honeymoon sweethearts. Newlyweds find everything from breathtaking sunsets and gorgeous scenery to whitewashed towns and golden-brown beaches, but each destination carries something special and unique. When it comes to Mykonos, there are several features that make it stand out from other top honeymoon destinations! So, without further delay, we present the top 5 reasons to honeymoon in Mykonos!

4 Reasons Destinations Weddings are on a high!

Why opt for a destination wedding? The answer to this question is rhetorical really. It’s like asking why tie the knot on a scenic beach on an exotic island like Cyprus rather than having a traditional church wedding at home? We have put together a handful of reasons more and more couples tend to exchange vows away from home rather than going through the hassle and bustle of a traditional home wedding!

5 Reasons to Say ‘YES’ to Destination Weddings

First things first CONGRATULATIONS for getting engaged! Having said that it’s high time we get down to business! Now, we all know that a bride-to-be dreams of this moment her entire life, right down to the last details, like what heels she’ll wear! The more you think about your wedding day the more you realise you don’t picture yourself saying I do at home. Images of exotic destinations by a golden bay, with the sound of waves in the background during sunset pop into your head! We’ve got news for you…this isn’t happening unless you plan on having a Destination Wedding!