Three Emblems in Corfu

Corfu is an island that will bewitch and captivate you. The island is a magnificent puzzle of culture, architecture, castles, museums, monasteries, superb beaches, traditional villages, and amazing resorts. Let’s take a look at three impressive landmarks everyone should visit when in Corfu!

Achilleion Palace is a lavish villa in the region of Gastouri that was constructed in 1890 by Austria-Hungarian Queen Elisabeth after the suicide of her son. The legendary princess Sisi fell in love with Corfu and the location so she decided to build a majestic Palace to use as sanctuary from her grief. It is named after the Greek hero Achilles due to the Queen’s admiration for his courage to defy the Gods. A great statue of the hero stands tall in the gardens overlooking the city and guarding the villa. The Palace is filled with luxurious details, beautiful paintings, and marble statues. Achilleion Palace was used as a filming location for the casino scene in the James Bond film ‘For your eyes only’ so please ask Miss Moneypenny to pack your tuxedo.

Old Perithia, also known as the island’s Ghost Village, is tucked away on the hillsides of Mount Pantokrator. Exploring the quaint village is exactly like taking a time travel trip into the past. The Venetians initially built and settled in Perithia during the 14th century. Locals were driven to hide within the mountainous setting to remain hidden and protect themselves from enemy raids which continued well off till the 19th century.  When the raids came to an end, most inhabitants moved to the coast of Corfu, where jobs opened due to tourism.

Old Perithia is a wonderful time travel capsule for all those looking to discover the island’s past, culture and history. The imposing Venetian-style homes and public buildings are remarkable architectural treasures that charm every visitor.  The picturesque village is surrounded by eight churches, highlighting the locals’ profound faith in God. Upon the entrance of the old school, you will find a coat of arms that reveals the name of a noble Corfiot family.  The now deserted school was open till around 1950.

Another great Corfu experience is the drive to Paleokastritsa Monastery. The monastery was first built in the 13th century but the current complex dates to the 18th century and it is a fine example of Greek monastic architecture. It is situated on the western side of Corfu as it sits graciously on a remote green hill dominating the surrounding area. The walk up to the monastery takes about ten minutes and rest stops are perfect for taking some much-needed photos but you are free to catch a breath too. The view from the top of the hill is amazing and the myth says that the petrified ship of Odysseus lies just below thanks to a visible rock curved in a way that resembles a trireme. Once inside you shall meet the monks, visit the church, and witness a spiritual experience. There is a small souvenir shop where you can buy handcrafted gifts and olive oil produced by the monks.

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