5 Captivating Attractions in Rhodes

When contemplating on where to go on holiday what pops into your mind? How do you imagine your perfect holiday? What factors make up the ideal destination for you? Is it the sea, the destination’s culture, its history? Rhodes is the perfect holiday destination for all! If you are a beach buff but also love touring while visiting all the sights and experiencing a place ‘hands-on’ then Rhodes is for you! You are bound to be captivated by its magnificence! With its matchless fusion of atmosphere, history, culture and excitement of a cosmopolitan tourist resort, Rhodes is undeniably one of the hottest holiday destinations of our time! Rhodes offers plenty of activities for both children and adults to satisfy even the most demanding travellers.

Wild Asparagus with Eggs at Louis Hotels

Here at Louis Hotels, we take pride in the quality and variety of our cuisine and are always keen to know which dishes our guests have enjoyed. With personal comments as our guide, we have compiled this collection of favourites and would like to share the secrets of Greek and Cyprus breakfast with you so that you can enjoy the taste of Louis Hotels wherever you are, again and again.

Nature Addicts in Paphos

Paphos beautifies the south-west part of Cyprus, seducing all its visitors with its green-covered landscapes, cultural heritage, historic sites as well as its ancient forts, Byzantine churches, timeless villages and golden-brown coastline. It comes as no surprise that Paphos is the pride and joy of Cyprus, luring in and captivating the souls of each traveller that has visited it.

To all nature lovers out there, Paphos is filled with numerous nature spots which must not be missed! Where to start your touring? We are here to lend you a hand! We have put together 5 of our favourite natural landmarks you can visit in and around Paphos…read on and enjoy!

What Not to Miss!

Protaras has quickly expanded and developed into a popular and preferred tourist resort within the past few years. Protaras is the ideal location to spend your holidays no matter what you are seeking, either a quiet or full of fun holiday. The list of recreational activities is endless. You can hit the beach, tour the island, engage in water sports, go on hikes and much more! Whatever you choose to do, Protaras will surely offer you unique memories! Enjoy your stay!

Must-See in Rhodes!

If you are a sea buff, sightseeing lover and history and culture enthusiast you will most definitely fall in love with Rhodes! Rhodes offers all its visitors an abundance of things to do, see and visit! The island has succeeded in creating a wonderful holiday destination by fusing its unique Greek temperament, cultural heritage, turbulent and impressive history all in one! It is a thriving island which is bound to satisfy and surpass the expectations of even the most demanding visitors! Rhodes is the place which puts a spell on you and captivates your souls for life!