Off-season in Corfu

If you are seeking for a break and need to take a holiday somewhere with all-year-round sunny weather, a destination that offers plentiful of diverse activities and sites, then Corfu is the place for you! The island is an all-year destination, welcoming all its visitors! Let’s take a closer look!

Beach Touring in Cyprus!

It is a well-known fact that Cyprus is surrounded by the deepest blue-green and sparkling waters of the world! The island is packed with small, secluded bays but also crowded cosmopolitan beaches, suiting all its visitors’ tastes and moods! There is nothing better than holidaying on the island and hopping the beaches dotting its glorious coastline!

7 must-does when Crete

Crete boasts with amazing cultural and natural landmarks. There is so much to see and do that most holidaymakers cannot decide what to visit. We are here to make your lives easier! We have put together 7 must-does every visitor should do while vacationing in Crete! Read on & enjoy!

5 Captivating Attractions in Rhodes

When contemplating on where to go on holiday what pops into your mind? How do you imagine your perfect holiday? What factors make up the ideal destination for you? Is it the sea, the destination’s culture, its history? Rhodes is the perfect holiday destination for all! If you are a beach buff but also love touring while visiting all the sights and experiencing a place ‘hands-on’ then Rhodes is for you! You are bound to be captivated by its magnificence! With its matchless fusion of atmosphere, history, culture and excitement of a cosmopolitan tourist resort, Rhodes is undeniably one of the hottest holiday destinations of our time! Rhodes offers plenty of activities for both children and adults to satisfy even the most demanding travellers.