5 Top Reasons to add Crete on to your Travel Bucket List

Crete is a replica of Greece, that is all we love about Greece is found in Crete, only in a smaller version. No matter who you are travelling with, either with friends, family or lover, Crete will captivate you instantly. Is it the island’s rich cultural background, its je ne sais pas charm, the welcoming locals or the island’s glorious sun-kissed bays, glistening sea and endless list of things to do and sights to visit? Whatever the reason, Crete has been and will remain to be one of the top all-year-round holiday destinations in the world! Let’s take a look at five top reasons Crete is your next summer destination.

Top Spots & Things to do when in Protaras

Blessed with Cyprus’ most beautiful coastline, Protaras is a paradise for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts. The soft, sugary sands of its coastline unfold onto a bustling tourist strip, where the modern party atmosphere is balanced by traditional charm. Let’s take a look at the many beaches and activities every Louis Hotels’ guest will enjoy while holidaying with us!

Wintery & sunny Paphos!

In ancient times, Paphos was the capital city of Cyprus. The city was where famed city-kingdoms thrived. The city’s past glory has not faded, as Paphos is still considered the cultural hub of the island, welcoming travellers from all around the world, who seek to discover its attractions, timeless villages and stunning coastline. Although the majority prefer travelling during the summer, Paphos is an equally wonderful destination in winter, making it an all-year-round holiday destination! Let’s take a look at three top landmarks everyone should visit when in Paphos!

What’s for dinner tonight?

Cyprus traditional cuisine is world-famous as being one of the most delicious cuisines in the world! The best way to sample the majority of Cyprus dishes is trying the Cyprus Mezedes. In matter of seconds your table will be covered with more than 30 small dishes filled with Cyprus specialities, from fresh salads to delicious dips and main dishes just for you!