Cyprus Rose Petals Preserve Jam…Yummy!

The art of breakfast in Cyprus and Greece is a fascinating journey that began in antiquity and reaches contemporary times. It is a gift given by the Mediterranean to all of us as well as being an achievement of a civilization, of a society built around the give and take concept. Therefore, if you want to really get to know the destination you are holidaying, its history, and its people, there is no better way than accepting the gift of breakfast. While staying at Louis Hotels you’ll get to know Greece and Cyprus via the palate… first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up.

10 Amazing Cyprus Meze dishes

What’s for dinner tonight?

Cyprus traditional cuisine is world-famous as being one of the most delicious cuisines in the world! The best way to sample traditional Cyprus dishes is trying the Cyprus Mezedes. In matter of seconds your table will be covered with more than 30 small dishes filled with Cyprus specialities, from fresh salads to delicious dips and main dishes just for you! We have put together 10 divine Cyprus specialities that will have you daydreaming of food once you visit Cyprus after the quarantine!

Let’s take a look at 10 delicious Cyprus Meze dishes and remember, we are not to blame if you find yourself craving for traditional Cypriot food…you will taste them sooner then later on your next holiday in Cyprus!

Easter Eggs & Flaounes

Easter is around and Cypriots all around the world are vigorously preparing to welcome and celebrate the resurrection of Christ. As you may already know, Cypriots are deeply religious people and Easter is perhaps the most important time of the year together with Christmas. Those looking to take an Easter holiday, shouldn’t think twice before jetting off to Cyprus, where Easter is an experience like no other, filled with festivities, local traditions and customs! Cyprus is one of the top Easter destinations for those looking to experience a different Easter holiday, filled with customs, traditions and folklore games. Besides being religious, Cypriots are extremely traditional and take pride in maintaining ancient customs starting from Easter egg dying to Flaouna baking. Let’s take a look at both of these foods traditionally linked to Easter.