When in Protaras

Without a doubt, Protaras is the most famed tourist destination on the island offering visitors ample of places to visit and activities to engage in! The town is small and may be explores easily by any means of transport. You will surely be impressed by its stunning Caribbean-like beaches and charismatic shops. Nonetheless, the island is filled with opportunities. If you wish to take a day off from the beach, you have an endless list of choices to choose from. Have fun!

What we love in Corfu

Think of Corfu and images of stone-built villages cascading hill slopes, crystal blue waters shimmering in the hot sun and golden-soft sandy beaches pop in your mind! A visit to this island is a lifelong dream come true for many, as it offers breathtaking landscapes, stunning coastlines, ancient historic ruins, vibrant spirit and a flair or essence that is hard to pinpoint-it is simply Corfu.

A Tourist in Zante!

Zakynthos is one of the most popular tourist destinations of our times. The island’s popularity is attributed to the fact that the beautiful Ionian Island, also known as Zante, is packed with attractions to visit, food to try, and fabulous beaches to lounge on. Zakynthos does not only satisfy its visitors’ wanderlust; it exceeds their every expectation!

A local in Paphos!

A plethora of adjectives pop into mind when describing picturesque Paphos. Paphos, being on the island of Aphrodite, offers a superfluity of choices satisfying even the most discerning visitors. What better way to explore the city you are holidaying in than to live it as a local? Indulge in local dishes, visit local landmarks, visit traditional spots and mingle with the locals! You will surely have a memorable experience!