3 reasons Zakynthos should be top of your holiday list

Zakynthos floats in the Ionian Sea and offers its visitors all that they possibly seek during their stay! Zakynthos is known for its natural beauty, hidden treasures, rich history, culture, and past traditions. Once you visit the Ionian Island you will certainly come back for more. Enjoy your memorable holiday!

Laganas Beach is one of the most vibrant and popular beaches found on the island. The stunning golden beach stretches for five kilometres offering visitors soft sand and crystal blue waters. What is unique about Lagana Beach is that it is part of the National Marine Park, which works and strives towards protecting the endangered Caretta-Caretta sea turtles which flock to the beach to nest their eggs. You have the chance to take a boat tour and visit the rare Caretta-Caretta up close! Also, water sports are also available on the beach, for the more adventurous lot! Surrounding the beach, you will find a plethora of beach bars, restaurants and traditional tavernas, dotting the coastline. Lagana is also the most preferred and developed tourist resort. Whatever is happening, upbeat and lively is at Lagana!

Lithakia is special as it is probably the oldest village found on the island. The traditional settlement decorates the southern slope of Megalo Vouno (Large Mountain). If you are seeking to get a taste of the island’s tradition and authenticity, then Lithakia is the place to be! Lithakia Village has remained untouched by the tourist industry, offering visitors the unique chance of exploring a picturesque and enchanting village. There is much to see and do in Lithakia. The Church of Saint Ioannis, originally built in the 14th century, is certainly worth your visit. The church is the ideal example of traditional Zakynthian architecture. The village is made up of one main cobble-stoned alleyway where you will find a few charming petite shops and traditional taverns that serve delicious local specialities with a friendly and welcoming smile!

As night falls on the island, Saint Solomou Square is illuminated creating the most romantic atmosphere and setting! You will get the impression you are in romantic Venice or Paris. The famous square is surrounded by grand-like Byzantine and Neo-Classical buildings, which most are home to museums and prominent art galleries. Visit the Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos, the Cultural Centre of the town and Saint Nikoloas Church!
A statue of Dionysios Solomos, a Greek national poet, decorates the centre of the square. Solomou Square boasts with life especially during the summer months, when locals and tourists alike gather and take strolls through the square, enjoying the night breeze and beauty of the romantic setting.

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