3 Amazing Greek Destinations

Greece summons travellers with its wide-open blue skies and turquoise waters and white-golden bays; and then its lures everyone with its ancient sites and landmarks, tardy islands and buzzing cities. No one was ever visited Greece and not felt this sentiment-Greece captivates your soul instantly weaving a powerful spell over you. Home to drama, science, medicine and democracy, Greece offers a fusion of traditional and modern life. Ancient temples and sites are often under the spotlight, its picturesque villages and islands are examples of the country’s simplicity, customs and traditions while its capital, Athens, with its breathtaking Parthenon fuses perfectly with the sophistication and buzzing lifestyle like no other European rival capital. We have put together a few landmarks that stand out, for you to visit the next time you holiday in one of the Greek islands!

Way to Go Greece!

According to a recent article published by TornosNews.gr, Greece is among the 10 most hospitable destinations in the world, based on travellers’ in the Guest Review Awards of Booking.com.

For the first time ever, the famed travel platform presents the friendliest destinations in the world according to travellers, based on the reviews it received in 2018.

According to the reviews, the most hospitable places in the world are Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, New Zealand, Taiwan, Romania, Hungary, Ireland, Serbia and Greece!