Delicious Tastes at Louis Hotels

Louis Hotels always strives for perfection so as to offer guests an all-rounded holiday. Therefore, besides our hotels, upgraded rooms, bars, pools, cafes and other facilities guests enjoy while staying at Louis Hotels, we make sure our guests’ breakfast, lunch and dinner times are the most delicious times of their day!

Interview of Mr Jason Perdios, CEO of Louis Hotels to Gold magazine.

The Gold Era of the Cypriot tourism
With more than 20% of contribution to the Cyprus’ GDP, travel and tourism sector lead the business trends, offering great opportunities for an even greater growth. But, “we have to be careful”, warns Mr. Jason Perdios, Chief Executive Officer of Louis Hotels, and talks about complacency that may demolish the contemporary Cypriot miracle.

Easter in Corfu, Greece

Easter to Greeks is the ultimate religious celebration of Christ’s crucifixion as well as resurrection. Those visiting Corfu during the Greek Orthodox Easter will discover that the general mood escalates from solemn to joyous rapidly making the whole holiday a truly unique experience. Easter in Greece is generally a few weeks later than the western world due to the fact the church bases its liturgy on the Julian calendar, which means that visitors get to enjoy the sunny and warm weather of spring!

Make your Easter holiday a holiday to remember!

Easter is in the air and the Greeks and Cypriots all around the world are robustly preparing to welcome and celebrate the resurrection of Christ. As you all well know, both Cypriots and Greeks are deeply religious people and Easter is perhaps the most important time of the year together with Christmas. Those looking to take an Easter holiday, shouldn’t think twice before jetting off to Cyprus or one of the Greek islands, where Easter is an experience like no other, filled with festivities, local traditions and customs!