Corfu’s One-and-Only Mon Repos Palace

Located on the hilltop of Analipsis Hill in Kanoni, Corfu’s marvellous Mon Repos Palace is one of the most favoured and visited tourist attractions of the island. Archaeologists believe that the palace was constructed in the area where the ancient city of the island used to stand because the remains and ruins of the ancient city are located right across the palace.

A walk through History – Ancient Amathous

Byzantine churches, Roman Baths, ancient Hellenistic palaces, prehistoric walls and temples make up the ancient city kingdom of Amathous. Amathous city is one of the most ancient cities found on the island, founded more than 3000 years ago. The archaeological site was discovered in the 19th century, unveiling important remnants left behind by ancient civilisations. According to legend, Ancient Amathous was named after Amathousa, who was the mother of a Paphos King. Findings have shown that the ancient coastal city-kingdom thrived from the 10th century BC till the 7th century AD. The city was constantly under attack by the Saracens, but finally fell in the hands of King Lionheart, the British English King, in 1191.

Charmed by Little Venice

Little Venice is the most romantic area of Mykonos. The entire coastal area is made up of colourful two-storey homes with balconies literally dipping in the emerald sea. Visitors instantly fall in love with the charming pull of this neighbourhood. The vistas of the whitewashed homes against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea are breathtaking.

Dip into Cyprus Culture – The Limassol Wine Festival

Looking for some Cyprus culture? Limassol Wine Festival is the place to be! Limassol’s annual Wine Festival has been a crowd-puller since it was first launched in 1961! Inspired by the ancient Greek celebrations dedicated to Dionysus, the God of Wine and Aphrodite the Goddess of Love and Beauty, the annual wine festival celebrates the island’s long winemaking tradition that spans for more than 4000 years.