The Best Partner 2016

On the 30th of March, Biblio Globus together with the Cyprus Tourism Organization opened a new tourist season for the island at the “Golden Globe for Cyprus” party.


Louis Hotels has been awarded as “The Best Partner” for 2016.



The Supernatural Beauty of Paphos

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! Today we shall deal with the supernatural and the mysterious forces that bend the laws of nature. It is truly inexplicable how a small place of 30000 inhabitants can offer so much to the travelling guests who choose to visit its shores for their holidays. Paphos is a coastal cosmopolitan resort of Cyprus that attracts a great number of tourists thanks to its magical powers. It is blessed with heaps of sunshine, amazing beaches, great scenery and lots of historic sights.

The Sirens will lure you to enchanted Mykonos

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! Last night I had the weirdest of dreams. It involved Madonna, great beaches and a lot of partying. I guess my subconscious is sending a distress signal and a very clear message to my brain. Suddenly I drip into the mythological times feeling just like Ulysses when he was tempted by the irresistible Sirens. They whisper into my ear and the voices get louder and louder. This summer is all about a grandiose holiday adventure to my favourite island, La Isla Bonita.