Exploring cosmopolitan Limassol on foot

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! The cosmopolitan coastal city of Limassol has been classified as one of the up and coming destinations in the world and rightly so.  It should definitely be on the shortlist for your upcoming vacations as it combines the classic beauty and culture of Cyprus with the modern luxury resorts. The beaches are great, the nightlife is great and the people are great. So simply do yourself a great favour and book your way to an extraordinary holiday package in the European city that never sleeps.

Akamas Peninsula is the natural jewel of Paphos

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! Every year thousands of tourists choose the coastal resort region of Paphos for their carefree holidays in the sun. It is home to some wonderful resorts, amazing beaches, great restaurants and lively nightlife. Not to mention that Paphos is the current cultural capital of Europe for the year 2017 and throughout the year reputable events, concerts and festivals will take place all over the city. What more could a person ask for? Well, there is plenty more and I am referring to the Akamas peninsula, the natural jewel of Paphos and the whole of Cyprus. Once in Cyprus do not miss the rare opportunity to spend a day or two in this amazing area.

An insight into traditional Crete

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! Today we are exploring the world famous island of Crete. It is a magical holiday destination with excellent beach resorts, sheer natural beauty, rich history and culture.  It successfully combines an abundance of both mountainous and coastal sightseeing regions and during your visit, you will certainly be amazed by the warm hospitality and the Cretan way of life. There are plenty of things to do and see as the island provides endless options of fun days in the Aegean Sea.

The cultural side of amazing Corfu

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! Corfu is an all-time favourite holiday destination as it is one of the most attractive Greek islands that offers the complete holiday package with sandy beaches and great holiday resorts. Corfu is also rich in culture and history and thanks to its strategic location it has been conquered and ruled by many civilisations.

Rhodes is the Queen of holidays

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! According to reputable studies that have been conducted in the brilliant space of my mind the most important number besides ? is twelve. The number 12 is an exact match for the months in a year, the zodiac signs, the disciples of Jesus, the dirty dozen and the total islands in the Dodecanese group. The Greek word Dodecanese translates to twelve with the island of Rhodes being the largest, most popular and the rightful Queen of the group. It is an island of vast beauty, immense history and unlimited opportunities for having a great time. This summer is all about your new lucky number and the amazing holidays you will experience in Rhodes. Long live the Queen!

We start our tour of the island with a walk through history as we embark to meet mystical crusaders, grand wall fortifications, impressive castles and the Knights of Saint John. The order of the Knights was originally created in the 11th century and their visit to Rhodes dates back to the beginning of the 13th century. They stayed on the island for more than 200 years and during their time they were forced to fight numerous battles with the invading Ottoman army. Two of the most impressive remnants that still exist are the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Hospital of the Knights.

The Palace of the Grand Masters is an imposing medieval castle that is situated on the highest part of Rhodes old town. It was built over a former Byzantine fortress that was modified for the needs of the Knights. The entrance on the south is protected by two soaring walls and the palace itself has a rectangular shape with a massive internal courtyard. Throughout your visit, you can have a look at the stunning architecture and décor, the explicit mosaic floors and the impressive medieval furniture as you wander around the more than 150 large rooms and halls.  The palace was severely damaged due to an explosion of gunpowder but it was restored in the 1930’s by the Italians who ruled Rhodes until 1948. Today there are two exhibitions that are housed on the ground floor and they display various antiquities and artefacts that were discovered on the island.

The Hospital of the Knights currently serves as the island’s main archaeological museum and it was first established in 1489 to take care of the sick and the wounded. The museum is a brilliant maze of rooms and scented gardens with mosaic floors and a good collection of artefacts. The most impressive attraction is the marble sculpture of Aphrodite of Rhodes that dates back to the 1st century.

To experience something different we head out to the traditional and picturesque Lindos village that lies 45km away from Rhodes town. The village stands underneath a hill and it is one of the most popular attractions thanks to its compact size, the traditional white houses, the cobblestoned pavements and the narrow roads that convey images of traditional Greek islands. No cars are allowed in the village and here tourists can enjoy the cultural past of Rhodes away from modern tourist developments.

The whole village is built amphitheatrically beneath the majestic Acropolis of Lindos just as if all inhabitants wanted to face and worship their patron Goddess. The Acropolis is a must visit as it boasts historic temples, sanctuaries, a gymnasium, a stadium and a various complex of public buildings. The view from the top of the hill is amazing.

This is all, for now, my dear fellow adventurers. In conclusion please remember that life is short and beautiful and it is strictly up to you to enjoy it and live it to the fullest.